Traditional Christian Readings

The Links provide activities with something for everybody from traditional Christian Sources (both Catholic and Protestant) for readings. The readings can be vital for emotional spiritual health in the age of COVID.

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Non-Traditional Perspectives

The Links sought to make sure that the 12 Days would be inclusive for all families who often have different points of view and yet seek togetherness and shared meaning for Christmastime.

Readings from World Religions include: Judaism, Buddhism, Sufism, Judaism, Islam, and Native American Faiths tradition. There are readings that are agnostic or secular, but still focused on Holiday themes.

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Celebrating from Afar

Article on how to use the 12 days approach to deepen the family and faith connection despite distance

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Reclaiming Christmas

The 12 Days Celebrations focus on setting aside a few minutes each day to physically or virtually connect with family or friends to do a short reading, have a reflection or discussion, and then in whatever way works, the sharing of presents, which range from the very simple to the more significant gifts. This variability of gifts received over the 12 days creates the experience of “conscious giving and receiving” where the gift is an emotional and/or spiritual connection between giver and receiver and each gift can be appreciated as that connection and not given as an obligation or materialist contest for approval.

The readings allow us to connect with the profound spiritual and cultural legacy that Christmas and Solstice Celebrations embody.

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